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For children, young people and their families with a special educational need or disability.

The Roberts Centre

Address: The Roberts Centre , 24 Gamble Road Portsmouth Hants PO2 7BN

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Brief description of what services your organisation offers
The Roberts Centre provides a Family Intervention Project (FIP) and an Adult Intervention Project (AIP) to Portsmouth City Council (PCC) tenants.  The service gives families a dedicated keyworker whom takes the role of the lead professional and holds regular team around the family meetings to discuss the plans for the family in a multi-agency way.  The Roberts Centre works in a persistent and determined way and keyworkers will continue to develop relationships with families and single adults even where there is a lack of willingness to engage.  A multi-agency approach is used including regular meetings with families/single adults and all other agencies involved.
Where the service is based
The Roberts Centre provides a service to families and single adults who are PCC tenants and living in the Portsmouth and Havant area.
What the organisation provides - types of interventions and support
The Roberts Centre provides a FIP and an AIP.  Both services work with PCC tenants whom struggle to meet their tenancy requirements and are at risk of losing their home.  This could be due to anti-social behaviour and/or not paying their rent.  The Roberts Centre work on reducing AD and teaching skills that are required to maintain a tenancy, and ultimately improve the quality of life for everyone in the local community. The difference between the two types of interventions are that the FIP works with families only, and the AIP works with single adults and households with non-dependent children only.
Eligibility Criteria
Families (with one or more child under the age of 18) are eligible for the Roberts Centre FIP if they are PCC tenants, and are either at risk of losing their homes or involved in anti-social behaviour.  They may also have educational issues and/or worklessness which the Roberts Centre will also work to address. Single adults and households with non-dependent children are eligible for the AIP if they are a PCC tenant and are either involved in anti-social behaviour or have come to the attention of the anti-social behaviour unit.
Quality standards and expected outcomes for children and young people and their families accessing your services
Expected outcomes for families and single adults accessing the Roberts Centres services would be to secure their tenancy with PCC and reduce anti-social behaviour.  For the Roberts Centre FIP, if applicable, it would be expected that educational issues have improved and/or there has been progress into work.
How can this service be accessed?
The Roberts Centre is based at:
24 Gamble Road
Referral details can be found on the Positive Steps website:
Alternatively, contact Hayley Baldacchino, Roberts Centre Family Interventions and Youth Services Manager on the details below:
How and who to make a complaint to.
All complaints are to be reported to Hayley Baldacchino (contact details below) and she will follow this up appropriately.
Contact Details: Hayley Baldacchino (Family Intervention and Youth Services Manager).
Tel:: 023 9273 0053
Email address: Hayley.baldacchino@robertscentre.org.uk
Website: http://www.robertscentre.org.uk/

Tel: 023 9273 0053

Service Category: Care, Advice, Information and Support

Special Educational Need:

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