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For children, young people and their families with a special educational need or disability.

Transport - School and College

Address: Transport - School and College, Portsmouth City Council Civic Offices Guildhall Square Portsmouth, PO1 2EA


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Brief description of what services your organisation offers:
The Access and Entitlement team provide support and information to parents/carers and young people about both statutory and discretionary transport to school/college.
Where the service is based:
Portsmouth City Council

Every year we will consult on our home to school transport policy and post 16 learners statement before finalising it.  We always take into consideration all of the comments we receive from stakeholders but it is not always possible to make the changes that are suggested.  If you require more information about home to school or home to college transport please click on the links below.

PDF   Home to School Transport Application Form 

PDF   Home to College Transport Application Form

2018-2019  Home to School Transport Policy and Post 16 Learners Statement
Part One -  Statutory criteria for transport assistance for children of statutory school age
Part Two -  Post 16 Transport Statement for Learners in Further Education and Continuing Learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities
Part Three - Non statutory assistance under the Exceptional Circumstances Criteria
Part Four -  Important information for Travel Assistance to Schools and Colleges or Learning Providers
Appendix A - Home to School/College Transport Appeal Process
2017-2018 Home to School Transport Policy and Post 16 Learners Statement
Eligibility Criteria/Appeals Process:
Section 1 - Home to School Transport Assistance Policy including Student Eligibility Grid.


Section 2 - Post 16 transport statement for learners in Further Education and continued learners with learning difficulties and disabiilities up to 25 years.


Section 3 - Non statutory assistance under the exceptional circumstances criteria.


Section 4 - Important information for travel assistance to Schools, Colleges or Learning Providers


Section 5 - Appeals process.


Bus Pass Application for Secondary School 2017 - 18


If a child uses Portsmouth's Home to School Transport Service, and they have a regular escort in their taxi or minibus, they will be provided with a "One page profile".  Parents are asked to complete this form, if they wish to do so.  The information that parents provide helps the regular escort to support the child on their journey to and from school, by informing them of all the things that are special to that child.  Copies of the forms can be found below:

One page profile - younger children


One page profile - older children


Quality standards and expected outcomes for children and young people and their families accessing your services:
Home to school and home to college transport will be assessed against set criteria and parents informed of the outcome. 
How can this service be accessed?:
This service is accessible to all parents via telephone or email.
How and who to make a complaint to:
Contact Details:
Access & Entitlement Officer
Portsmouth City Council
Floor 2, Core 2
Civic Offices
Guildhall Square

Email address: Julie.sabiston@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

Tel: 023 9283 4945

 A leaflet on Personal Transport Budgets can be found below


Guidelines on Adult Social Care Transport for those over the age of 18 can be found at http://www.portsmouthlocaloffer.org/local-offer-search/item/461







Tel: 023 9282 2251

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Special Educational Need:

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