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For children, young people and their families with a special educational need or disability.

Children’s Therapy Services (Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy)

Address: Children’s Therapy Services (Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy), 2nd Floor, Brunel Wing, Civic Offices, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, PO1 2GJ

Brief description of what services your organisation offers:
The Solent NHS Children’s Therapy Service provides community based Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy to children and young people aged 0-19 years who are registered with a Portsmouth City GP or who attend a Portsmouth school.  Children develop in different ways and when they have specific problems with their development, they may need specialist assessment and advice from a Therapist.

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Where the service is provided - please state if City wide or locality based:
The service is provided in Portsmouth City, within your local community e.g. schools, nurseries, family hubs, clinics, hospitals or your own home.

What the organisation provides - types of interventions and support:
The Children’s Therapy Service will initially assess your child informally, such as observation, or with formal tests.  After assessment and in discussion with you, the therapist will decide the best way to support your child which may include one or more of the following:

- Therapy activities / advice to support your child in day to day situations. This will be carried out by those people involved in your child’s daily  care e.g. preschool staff or teaching assistants
- Training and advice for parents/carers and other services involved in your child’s care (health, teachers, social care)
- Individual therapy with you and your child
- Therapy in a group
- Advice regarding possible need for specialist equipment.
- Involvement with educational services and planning for transition e.g. moving up to school.
- Advice on other relevant services who may be able to help.
- Referral on to a more appropriate or specialist service

Your child’s progress will be reviewed regularly in partnership with you and others and further recommendations and actions may be made.  Therapy may not be required once your child’s needs can be managed and supported effectively by their everyday environment.

Eligibility Criteria:
A referral to Speech & Language Therapy, Physiotherapy and / or Occupational Therapy can be made by any healthcare or education professional or by a parent.  You will always be asked for your consent before any referral is made.  Children suitable for referral are those who have communication, feeding and physical difficulties.  For further details please visit the website link below.
www.solent.nhs.uk/childrenstherapies or  https://what0-18.nhs.uk/solent/therapies

Quality standards and expected outcomes for children and young people and their families accessing the service:
Our aim is to improve your child’s quality of life by improving their skills.  You will be actively involved in managing your child’s care alongside our qualified therapists. All children will be seen within the national target of 18 weeks and local targets mean it will hopefully be earlier.
You can contact our service between Monday and Friday, 8.30 – 5.00pm.
How and who to make a complaint to:
If you have any comments, queries or wish to make a complaint, please speak to your therapist in the first instance (if you feel able) or to thePortsmouth Better Care Locality Managers:  
- telephone the central office on 023 9268 4921
- write to Children’s Therapy Services, 2nd Floor, Brunel Wing, Civic Offices, Guildhall Suare, Portsmouth, PO1 2GJ

Alternatively you may contact the Patient Experience team on 0800 013 2319 or email SNHS.SolentFeedback@nhs.net or write to them at PALS & Complaints Service, Highpoint Venue, Bursledon Road, Southampton, SO19 8BR

Advice can also be sought from your Health Visitor, local Family Hub or school SENCO ( special educational needs co- ordinator)

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Tel: 02392 684921

Service Category: Health

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