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For children, young people and their families with a special educational need or disability.

Specialist Health Visitor Team

Address: Specialist Health Visitor Team , 2nd Floor, 1 Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, PO1 2GJ


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Brief description of what services your organisation offers:
The team deliver a specialist health visiting service with targeted support and interventions to children with disabilities and their families from the antenatal period up to the end of a child’s first year at school (Reception Year).
Where the service is provided - please state if City wide or locality based:
The team work across the city visiting families in their own homes.  Children, parents and carers may also be seen in other venues including early years settings, GP practices and groups..
What the organisation provides - types of interventions and support:
In addition to the universal health visiting service provided to the child with the disability and any siblings, the specialist health visiting team provide regular holistic assessment with support and interventions tailored to meet individual needs.
Interventions provided directly by the specialist health visiting team include developmental advice, management of sleep, toileting and behavioural problems, minor illness, feeding and diet, emotional support, help with accessing benefits advice, information about specific health conditions and coordination of care using the single assessment framework and team around the child.
The service also provides support to parents at the time of transition into nursery and school, working in partnership with other professionals including the Early Years Panel, school nurses and early years settings using the team around the child approach where necessary.
Eligibility Criteria:
The child must have a condition that will result in significant long term disability and involvement of the paediatric medical service and multi-disciplinary team for children with disabilities. Referrals for the specialist health visiting team can be accepted in the antenatal period and onwards until the child goes to school. Children must be registered with a Portsmouth City GP.
Quality standards and expected outcomes for children and young people and their families accessing your service?
  • Delivery of the evidence based Healthy Child Programme (2009) to children with complex needs and their siblings promotes child health and development in line with the rest of the population.
  • Parents capacity to meet the needs of the child with complex needs and any siblings is enabled to ensure good outcomes are achieved for all children within the family.
  • Holistic on-going assessments identify the resources available to the family and those that are needed to ensure good outcomes are reached for the children involved in the family.
  • The specialist health visiting team deliver training and education to health visitors and school nurses to enable skill development of the wider workforce.
Managers Contact Details 
Carol Stevens    
Mobile:  073930060045




Tel: 073930060045

Service Category: Health

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